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Discover Yoga in HONG KONG with Fitness First

Yoga is a healing experience just as it is a fitness practice. Unleash the body’s best form, break limits, and discover greater mindfulness. Harness equilibrium and wellness like never before with premier yoga classes in Hong Kong.


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Fitness First Asia is approved by Yoga Alliance USA as a Registered Yoga School since 2007.

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Benefits of Yoga


For the Mind

Focus on clearing the mind of noise, disorder, and negativity. Yoga exercises have become popular as one of the few fitness practices that can positively and directly impact mental wellness.

For The Soul

Having mindful silence as one of its cornerstones, a yoga workout can encourage the clearing of emotional clutter. You’ll learn to decrease the stress and tension that comes with a fast-paced, modern life.

For the Body

Implementing a range of postures and positions with different intensities, yoga classes are designed to suit anyone from beginners to advanced students. Each stretch and twist help to reduce the chance of atrophy and promote whole body fitness.

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Registered with and authorized by Yoga Alliance USA, Fitness First offers premier facilities, trained instructors, and uniquely tailored yoga classes to ensure maximum participation from students of all levels.

With a soothing ambiance, professional guidance, and unique programmes adapted to participants, we aim to maximize each session to achieve best results for the body, mind, and soul.

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Make the Best Out of Your Yoga Class


Arrive early for your yoga class to settle into the right frame of mind. Focus on what you want to achieve. Create an intention for the session. Take time after practice to quietly reflect on what you learned.


You may bring your own mat, water bottle and hand towel with you. Leave behind personal belongings in the locker and wear soft, stretchable clothing that is comfortable even in the trickiest of poses.


Let your teacher know if you are a first-timer, pregnant, or have any special conditions or injuries that might affect your practice. This ensures that they are aware and provide you with different intensity levels that would better cater to your needs


Drink sufficient water before you begin the yoga exercises and use the restroom beforehand. Allow at least two hours after a meal before attending class to avoid any discomfort. Rest and reserve your energy for practice.


Leave mobile phones in the locker. Yoga classes are held in shared spaces, so coming into class late or leaving early also disrupts other students. Yoga class is a respite from distractions, so be respectful of the peace.


If you experience any discomfort or difficulty performing a pose, pull back to a position that’s comfortable to you. Yoga is also about respecting your body’s capabilities and boundaries so take baby steps. You’ll nail that pose the more you practice.