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You’re missing out if you only fly solo.

17 Sep 2020

Here are four simple but good reasons to take a break from going solo,and to consider joining the next group training class your gym has to offer

1. You won’t have to figure it out alone

Even if you already have some idea of the path and things you need to do to get to your goalsbeing in a group fitness class gives an instructor the chance to study your form and technique, whether it’s the way you lift a weight or approach a dance move, and they can help makthat journey a smoother and safer one.A true mark of any veteran is knowing there is always something new to learn, and while group fitness instructors always take you through the basics, they can also develop routines to your level of experience, or even help guide you towards new goals.


2. The structure will help you avoid early mistakes

Just follow the instructor, who has thoughtfully structured the group workout with beginners and pros in mind. They will make sure to set you up properly, getting you progressing gradually from a warm-up into more intense activities, before going through a complete warm down and chill. This structure, from start to finish, is all essential in making sure you can continue working out later down the line properly, meaning you won’t have to take any breaks on your road to a new you. You can also put any worries to rest about whether what you are doing is working, and can have faith in the results that will come.


3. Variety keeps it enjoyable

Enjoyment plays a huge part in staying focused and keeping on trackbasically with anything. Since wet end to make more time for what we likechanging your view on exercise and seeing it as an enjoyable past time will most certainly help. Rather than dreading a difficult and boring chore, you can look forward to enjoyable activities across a massive variety of classeswith different instructors every day. Try some out and you’ll almost definitely find a class you can really have fun inplus, you’ll be much more likely to stick with it and stay committed. Besides that, time flies when we’re having funso you’ll accomplish a lot more in what feels like less time.


4. You’ll get faster results withsupport

Basic but true, you will see better results if you are being supported. One way to break past your limitations and start seeing improvements in your fitness is to be part of a supportive group, guided by an instructor. You’ll feel encouraged to step safely out of your comfort zone and really go for it, motivated by your fellow friends and classmates. Make new friends, share new ideas, from exercise routines to your favourite super foods and healthy meals. 


Every group exercise class at Fitness First is led by one of our experienced and certified fitness coaches, who will guide, instruct and adjust you so you can reach your goals in the best way possible.

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