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Can a Certified Fitness Coach really improve my quality of life?

05 May 2020

Are you a gym newbie, veteran, or even an ex-triathlete? Whichever and whoever you are, consider the many benefits of starting a Personal Training plan with a Certified Fitness Coach. Here are five ways our certified fitness coaches help you achieve your fitness goals, and how personal training can get you closer to living a fit and healthy life.


1 - A Certified Fitness Coach sees what you cannot

Mirrors only help so much when you are trying to develop your exercise technique. Similar to cutting your own hair, it’s easier to ask for help. Your gym buddy might be able to spot for you, but a Certified Fitness Coach brings an expert eye to make sure you can avoid injuries, especially if you’re a newcomer. A personal trainer can quickly gauge your body type, strengths, and weaknesses each time you meet, so even on your ‘lazy’ days, they can lead you through you a workout that’s worthwhile.


2 - A Certified Fitness Coach helps define your goals in fitness

If your aim is to be ‘fit’ then your Certified Fitness Coach will help clarify what you are trying to achieve, and what you would like to be fit for. Once you have a clear destination, it’s much easier to get going. Your target could be something as simple as having more energy to raise and be involved with your children, or preparing for the Spartan Challenge, or even just wanting to lose a bit of winter weight.


3 -  A Certified Fitness Coach assess your current level of fitness without bias

Some people look fit but are actually not, and the same goes both ways, so we take an accurate picture and assess significant fitness markers such as your - cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, suppleness, coordination and stamina. You can also measure your BMI (body mass index), body fat distribution and more of your body composition by using powerful tools like Boditrax, which also make it easier to keep track of your progress. If you’d like to take it even further, detailed DNA testing is available so you can tune your workout to uniquely suit your goals.


4 - A Certified Fitness Coach can create a workout program around your schedule

Your Certified Fitness Coach will help you maximise your time with quality training, by tailoring and optimising your workout to suit your fitness goals.


5 - A Certified Fitness Coach elevates your workout to new levels

You might be pleased with your current fitness level, but may also be disheartened when your results appear to plateau or if you find yourself in a workout rut. A personal trainer will bring in some fresh perspective, and even get you using the latest and modern training methods to break into a new groove. The best part is that a Certified Fitness Coach will challenge you to break past the limitations of who you are. 


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