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Thriving Well


If you can’t go outside, go inside

09 Apr 2020

While it’s not the perfect time to go outside with social distancing in full swing, take this chance to go within and connect with your deeper self. Let go of the illusion of control in a world of constant changes, and seek inner peace with these 6 useful holistic practices.



We all possess the powerful tool called “the mind”, but not necessarily the skills to use it to our advantage. Being conscious with our thoughts takes practice. Just like how we train our muscles in the gym, we can train our mind by meditation. There are many types of Meditation, and for some you don’t even have to sit still. To guide you through different mindfulness exercises, Fivelements Habitat is now offering short audio meditations for those who want to disconnect from the worries of everyday life and relax in just a few minutes.


Most of us already know the many physical health benefits of Yoga, such as improving stability, mobility, strength and flexibility, just to name a few. But instead of it being just a physical exercise, it can also be a holistic practice that can heal the mind, body and soul. By combining mindfulness and breathwork with artful yoga movements, you can bring a sense of ease into the body and peacefulness to the mind. With a wide variety of yoga disciplines to choose from, make the most of your practice by figuring out your intention and choosing the type of yoga that fits your current fitness levels and intentions.


A holistic practice that combines movement and mindfulness, Mindful Movement is basically meditation through movement. By moving your body while being aware of every movement as well as the feeling and emotion it may evoke, it can connect your mind, body and soul and bring them back to the moment. Instead of one particular practice, it’s more like an approach to your workout. It can be anything from movement and mobility, tai chi, qigong and expressive dance sessions, as long as it involves conscious breathing techniques and mindfulness to enhance internal balance, creativity, expression and joy.


Sound has the ability to affect our emotions and mental state. It can be beneficial to us: whether it’s a song that takes you back to a magical moment in the past, or simply white noise that helps you focus, relax and sleep. On the flip side, it can generate anxiety. Think construction noise and angry honking. From gong baths, singing bowl therapy to kirtan sessions and voice activation techniques, Sound Healing can be very effective in curing anxiety and releasing any emotional blockages we’ve been holding on to. What’s more, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of sound healing anytime, anywhere.


Not only is Breathwork used in holistic practices to help ease anxiety and reconnect the conscious and subconscious mind and body, but it is also used to optimize our physical health, sports and fitness performance, and to manage pain. It is also said to alleviate and prevent diseases and to boost our immune system. Breathwork is not a new technique, in fact breathwork has been used by shamans for thousands of years, which is why it is still the foundation of many powerful practices like Meditation, Yoga, Qigong and more. Ranging from Rebirthing and Holotropic Breathwork to Transformational Breath to the Wim Hof Method, there is something for everyone.


Just like how sounds affect us, smells also have a profound impact on our emotions, memory, and physiological responses. Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment of which healing effects are ascribed to aromatic compounds, usually in the form of essential oils extracted from plants. Indulge in the relaxing aromas that are the essence of nature and pamper your senses and unwind with the magic of aromatherapy in times of stress: whether it’s taking an aromatic steam bath, enjoying a delightful fragrant Massage, or simply inhaling your favorite essential oil using a diffuser.


This article was brought to you by Fivelements Habitat, a sister brand of Fitness First Hong Kong under the Evolution Wellness Group. The harmonious union encourages everyone to recognise the many approaches to fitness, health, mindfulness and wellbeing. For more information on holistic practices, please visit the Fivelements Habitat website.