Best Exercises to Fight Type 2 Diabetes

Managing Type 2 diabetes optimally can be achieved by effectively controlling your weight and blood sugar level. This can be done through regular exercise, which can yield a variety of different physical and mental benefits. Exercise can also help to reduce the risk of being affected by chronic diseases, such as heart attack or stroke. Here are a few exercises that work extremely well in combating Type 2 diabetes.

14 Feb 2020

Strength Training

Strength training comprises different forms, which includes weightlifting. This workout type enables growth in muscle mass. Muscle growth can aid in weight management by providing an increased calorie burn as you progress in your workout routine. Strength training can also regulate blood sugar levels via an improvement in the way it is utilised, and through the way your body responds to insulin. It also aids with weight loss, and in lowering your risk of heart disease.


Incorporating a mixture of several training methods combined into a series of three programmes can help you develop core strength, increase muscular power, and improve your cardiovascular endurance and mobility. The HARDCORE SERIES workout routine includes training methods such as high intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training and Dynamic Movement Training.


Pilates is inspired by elements of yoga and combines a few other exercise routines into a programme that is focused on core strength, coordination and balance. It is also suitable for individuals of all age groups and fitness levels. Pilates can help you identify a variety of different methods to stretch and lengthen all the major muscle groups in your body, while maintaining complete balance. You will also learn exercises that help you improve flexibility, strength and balance considerably.


Pilates can also be utilised effectively and safely to better the health quality of individuals with Type 2 diabetes. Incorporating resistance training can help increase muscle mass, which reduces your body fat percentage in the process. It can also aid with glycaemia control, increase your sensitivity to insulin, and lower your blood pressure. Pilates also aids in improving overall mental health. Depression and anxiety are examples of mental health problems which are commonly linked to diabetes. Incorporating Pilates as part of a workout routine requires unwavering focus, as it involves a connection between the mind and body. This focus is what you will need to keep mental health conditions a safe distance away.


Cycling is a low-impact exercise which can help individuals with Type 2 diabetes achieve their fitness goals without excessive strain on their joints. It is especially beneficial for individuals affected by arthritis caused by Type 2 diabetes. It also aids in reducing the pressure on your feet. Diabetes can lower blood supply to your feet in the lower extremities. This can cause injuries which do not heal properly, resulting in foot ulcers and infections. This exercise is also suitable for individuals suffering from diabetic neuropathy, which occurs when the nerves become damaged and cause joint pain.


Joining anindoor cycling class such as RIDE BEATcan help you improve cardiovascular and muscular endurance. It will also increase your cycling power as you progress through each class. You will be able to combine elements of road and competitive cycling disciplines to energetic music. It will also incorporate different riding techniques, which include speed, time-trials, pacing, climbing and sprints to improve your cycling technique. A display of the group’s heart rate will provide instant feedback and help you to push yourself more during each class.


Aerobic Dancing

Dancing can be included as part of a fitness workout which enables weight loss and betterment of aerobic fitness for individuals with Type 2 diabetes. Dancing aids weight loss through a decrease in body fat ratio, a reduction in bad cholesterol levels, and improvement of good cholesterol levels. It can also help to give you a mood boost and increase your energy levels. Effectively combining aerobic dancing and pumping music can incline more individuals with Type 2 diabetes to join a dance fitness class.


BODYJAM is theperfect combination of dance choreography and high-tempo music. It focuses on having fun through dance fitness. This class is suitable for all individuals, regardless of previous dance experience. It provides a total-body workout which can increase your heart rate and help you burn calories.


Individuals with Type 2 diabetes are able to regulate blood sugar levels and manage cholesterol levels, while keeping their weight in check by practicing yoga. Yoga practices which are extremely beneficial include cleansing processes, asanas, pranayama, mudras, bandha, meditation, mindfulness and relaxation. The practice of yoga also aids in lowering blood pressure, improving sleep quality and giving you a mood boost.


Hatha yoga is suitable for individuals who are practicing yoga for the first time.It focuses on a gentle, slow-paced set of sequences that will help you improve flexibility, body strength and postural awareness. As you progress, you will be able to experience a lighter and more relaxed physique.


A systematic performing of exercises is not only important in the management of Type 2 diabetes, but for improving your overall health quality as well. It is best to consult a doctor before performing any workout routines. Doctors can provide a list of exercises that is suitable for diabetes control. They are also able to develop an exercise regimen that can help you in attaining your fitness goals, whilst avoiding injury.