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Thriving Well


Holistic Fitness is a direct approach to maintaining mental, spiritual and physical fitness, incorporating nutrition and mindfulness to achieve overall sense of wellbeing.

26 Nov 2020

The Whole Picture


‘Holistic’ basically means looking at something as a ‘whole’, and rather than focusing on one specific area (or indeed ignoring it) it means paying attention to developing your muscle gains and fat loss just as much as maintaining your ability to move and function in your physical space. It also means being conscious of what you put into your body, and eating mindfully of the fact that certain foods are beneficial to our health, while others can quickly detract from it. 


A Body Designed to Move


Having the confidence and energy to physically do things our bodies are supposed to be able to do, from squatting down, to lifting a backpack, or even reaching up to a top shelf, is one component to holistic wellness. With dynamic training and inspiration, you can work on being fit for ‘living’ with the full range of motion, stability and coordination. In today’s modern world of wellness, one of the biggest considerations we hear from new members is a desire to live more comfortably in their bodies, and of course, for a longer time. Whether you have a new baby on the way, are reaching an older age, or even want your old pair of shorts to fit again, we are all inspired to transform our bodies so we can move in the way we were built to, and with confidence. 


Wanting to improve mobility is a start, but it can be overwhelming for beginners or gym first timers to know what exactly to do, or which exercises to include in a workout plan, or even how to use the equipment effectively. As fitness leaders, we’ll be sure to guide you through the main principles of a physical activity plan through ‘FITT’ - that is your Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type of exercise. Knowing the appropriate levels and what to aim for regarding each of these principles will help you stay on track to improving and maintaining your physical stature.


Sharp Minds & Keeping Kind 


Ensuring your cardiovascular health and muscular endurance are in tip top shape are central to what we consider as being ‘fit’, but aside from physical health, holistic fitness encompasses the importance of mental and spiritual wellbeing with equal emphasis. It’s not simply about how happy you are either, in fact your mental resolve when faced with difficult or sometimes unhappy situations, is a significant part of what we consider to be our overall wellbeing.


You could use a different word than spiritual, but spiritual fitness is about being in a place where you instinctively respond with compassion and kindness, and strive to be an honest and generous person. It might come as a surprise, but this doesn’t simply happen, it sometimes takes a level of confidence, control, and conviction through genuine holistic fitness, to remain in that frame of mind.


Since our minds also age and lose their agility, it’s important to keep them sharp; even if we don’t suffer from mental illnesses such as dementia. We can exercise the right neurons through puzzles, brain teasers, and an array of mobile apps that “train the brain”. Getting the right amount of sleep so we can continue to live every day to its fullest can also provide us a mental boost. 


Part of working on our mental wellness can still be achieved inside the gym and GX studios – when we exercise and see results, we are positively motivated and grow in confidence. Principles evidenced by behavioral psychology also tell us that the way to form good habits and increase motivation is through building confidence, gained also by receiving support and encouragement from others and by being in a comfortable environment. 

The Door of Nutrition 


Conditioning your body on the outside takes real effort, and it’s just as important to be aware of what we put inside it too, in fact, we know doing one without the other is often a recipe for failure. If you struggle with eating the right food, or even the right amount of food, it can be difficult to break out of the cycle and find the balanced intake of nutrition needed to support normal growth development and a healthy body weight. Eating well is also the most effective way to reduce the risk of illness and disease, and crucially, is the door to how much energy we have, needed to pursue holistic fitness. There are countless sources of diet plans and advice available on the internet, but if you really want a razor sharp schedule to cut down weight or eat for better athletic performance, you can have a discussion with one of our personal Fitness Coaches, who will lay out a meal plan with you to bring out the most in your workouts. 


Apart from getting a balanced diet, Innermost’s innovative range of targeted supplement solutionsis another avenue that leads towards getting your body’s optimal nutrition. Developed with effective natural ingredients, nootropics, and adaptogens that help you reach your peak fitness performance, the protein, booster packs and capsule options are designed to sharpen your training efforts and hone in on your individual health and wellness needs: 


  • Performance– (Fit/Energy/Focus) Developed to improve physical and mental performance, support lean muscle development, and raise energy levels.
  • Weight-Loss– (Lean/Define/Tone) Developed to encourage sustainable fat-loss, support muscle growth and repair, raise energy, and improve definition.
  • Muscle– (Strong/Power/Recover) Developed to maximise muscle growth, improve strength and power, speed up recovery, and regulate hormonal balance.
  • Wellbeing– (Health/Detox/Relax) Developed to support muscle growth and repair, regulate pH balance, reduce toxins, and promote relaxation.


Inside or outside the gym, we’ll give you the inspiration and tools to stay active and approach life holistically, and enhance your physical and emotional fitness.