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Thinking Well


What does it mean to have a positive mindset? Is there something beyond simply hoping for the best?

05 Nov 2020

There are characteristics of certain people who are able to maintain a positive attitude towards life, and they benefit greatly.

From better overall health, ability to cope with stress, and greater well-being, research also points to positive thinking as a way to enable a longer life, reduce rates of depression, and even give you greater physiological resistance against cardiovascular diseases.

Here are 6 traits that you can focus on, to bring the brightest and most positive results out of your life:

Optimism -Try, even if there’s a chance your efforts won’t pay off, to not automatically assume the worst will transpire.


Acceptance -Acknowledging that you might make mistakes along the way, but also realising the opportunity to learn and grow from those mistakes is powerful.


Resilience -  Adversity, disappointment, and failure are merely things to bounce back from. Never give up.


Gratitude -Remind yourself to continuously appreciate all that you have been blessed with, and be thankful for the good things going on in your life.  


Mindfulness -Dedicate your mind and consciousness to being completely aware of your surroundings and situation, and see how that sharp focus enhances your ability in everything.


Integrity -Honor, morality and righteousness in the face of selfishness and deceit. The power of positivity shines through when you stick to your principles.


To break it down into one basic idea, having a positive mindset means being able to keep an overall perspective on life that it’s better to focus on all that is good. This doesn’t mean ignoring every negative thing that happens, but rather to acknowledge them, address them, and conquer them if need be.


Make the most out of every situation. It’s not always easy, so here’s some quick-fire advice, and a list to read every morning if you want to get in the right frame of mind and be ready to take on the challenges of the world.


Don’t throw a tantrum if you don’t get what you want.

Treat everyone as if they could be your best friend.

Smiles are powerful, use them to set the tone.

Get back up when you fall down. Every time.

Motivate those around you with kindness.

Be the source of energy that others need.

Make someone’s day with a compliment.

Give more than you expect in return.

Tell someone they did a great job.

Enjoy life even if you are losing.

Let negativity brush off you.

Envision a bright future.

Enjoy the unexpected.

Be true to yourself.

A Positive Mindset = a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life, and expects positive results. If you expect positive results, you’ll also need to work for them.
That’s where Fitness First is ready to help, as we are always positive about opening the path that will change the way you approach and live life through fitness and better wellbeing. We will push you to go further, and inspire you to focus on all that is good until you get the results you expect.