5 Challenges to Overcome this New Year for a Stronger You

The new year provides us with an opportunity to renew our appetite for fitness. Especially if we have had to face physical and mental challenges which resulted in us failing to achieve fitness goals that were set last year. Here are some tips on how we can prevail over these challenges to become healthier and stronger versions of ourselves this brand new year.

06 Jan 2020

Try Something New

The main reason we did not follow through with certain fitness resolutions which were set last year is different for each individual. For some, it could be because a workout was unable to challenge their bodies the way they intended to. For others, it could be because the intensity of a workout was too strenuous, which led to them being unable to cope with the physical requirements of an exercise. One way to help you overcome either one of these challenges this year is to try something new.

Nak Muay is a Muay Thai-based fitness class that incorporates the use of stand-up striking and various clinching techniques. Muay Thai is also known as “the art of eight limbs”. This class will teach you how to use kicks, punches, and elbow and knee strikes in a variety of fight combinations. Over time, this class will help you develop strength, muscle tone and improve overall fitness as well.

Overcome Procrastination

Another reason as to why we failed to achieve last year’s fitness goals is due to a workout being too repetitive. This leads to us procrastinate instead of perform, which in turn restricts us from attaining overall physical and mental benefits for our wellbeing.

Pay no heed to last year’s mundane workouts by incorporating a fitness routine that requires you to move. One way you can overcome procrastination is by dancing. Dancing strengthens cardiovascular health, while improving strength, flexibility and agility. A Zumba dance workout will strengthen your core, calves and ankles through choreography inspired by Latin and salsa-style music.

Mental & Physical Challenges to Overcome this New Year

Stop Doubting Yourself

A mental challenge which could have hindered efforts to achieve last year’s fitness resolution is self-doubt. This is especially common amongst individuals who are not used to working out, or those have hit a plateau in their workout routine. These negative conditions could result in them doubting their ability to up their fitness routines another level.

An effective way to overcome this challenge is to start slow and take your time with progress. Pay attention to how your body reacts to exercises, especially when performing a bodyweight workout that focuses on total body strength through explosive movement. Continuously increasing the intensity of dynamic movement exercises that uses your body weight and equipment will also help improve overall strength and cardiovascular health.

Break Through the Pain

Dealing with pain that accompanies a workout can be an extremely difficult physical challenge to overcome for certain individuals. Particularly when waking up every morning with sore muscles during the recovery process. This soreness can oftentimes cause people to forego working out completely. Fortunately, there are a few fitness routines which help to relieve pain, besides promoting mindfulness and improving overall well-being.

Including Hatha Yoga as part of your new year fitness routine will teach you how to move through a slow-paced set of sequences that improve flexibility, body strength and postural awareness. Over time, physically demanding workouts that are followed up with a yoga workout will leave you looser, more relaxed, and more in control of how you manage muscle soreness during recovery.

Mental & Physical Challenges to Overcome this New Year

Face Your Insecurities

If you have not been to a gym to work out before, your first time can be a strange experience, especially when it comes to the use of fitness equipment. The only way to learn and do away with your insecurities at the gym would be to ask. More often than not, the gym staff, trainers and other gym-goers would be able to lend a helping hand.

Another way to overcome your gym insecurities would be to participate in a workout class. Pairing up with other gym-goers will help inspire you and your peers to push harder with every exercise. These classes will also help you increase cardio endurance, boost your metabolism, and improve your heart and lung function.

Overcoming physical and mental challenges are progressive steps towards achieving your fitness resolutions this new year. As long as you stay consistent, practice discipline and constantly work towards making your fitness routine exciting, you are on your way to achieving all the goals you have set come year end.