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Protein supplements can help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals

21 Jan 2021

Protein. Wherever you look in the world of health and fitness you’ll find it. We’re told it’ll make us stronger, healthier, fitter. But how do we know what the best protein powder is on the market when there’s so many options to choose from?

We think it’s important to break down the facts and go back to basics, so you can truly understand why protein is such an important part of your nutrition, how it benefits you, and how you can get the best quality protein out there.

So why do we need protein? Well firstly, it’s a key component of every cell in the body, and we use it to build and repair tissues. But we also need protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other crucial chemicals in the body, while it’s an important building block of your bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.

How much protein do we need?

In terms of how much protein we need, the 
Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI) is set at 0.75g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day for adults, and the amount we need changes during our lifetime.

Different foods contain different amounts and combinations of amino acids (the main building blocks of proteins). Foods from animal sources (like meat and dairy) contain the highest concentrations of protein when compared with non-animal sources, but vegetarians and vegans are able to get the full amount of protein they need by eating other sources of protein, like cereals, grains, pulses, and meat substitutes.

The benefits of taking protein powders

However, if you don’t want to rely so heavily on foods like meat to get your protein, or you just want an easy option that provides you with a high concentration of protein, then protein powders are a convenient and popular alternative. Not only are they loved for providing people with an easy way of getting their daily recommended intake of protein, but they also have several other health benefits.

One of these is muscle growth
A 2018 analysis of 49 studies support the use of protein supplementation for growing muscle. The research suggests that protein supplements significantly improve muscle size and strength in healthy adults who do resistance exercise training, such as lifting weights.

Another way in which taking protein powder supplements can benefit the body is by contributing to recovery after exercise. Protein helps repair damaged muscles and tissues, and therefore many people use protein powders to speed up this recovery process and diminish feelings of muscle soreness and aches.


While most people can actually get enough protein from their regular diet alone, it’s widely known that protein keeps us fuller for longer, hence why many of us have gone in search of higher-protein foods and supplements in recent years. What’s more, protein powders are now so popular that you can find them tailored towards almost any diet, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, halal, kosher, or eat just about anything.


How can you get started with protein powder?


So now you’re clued up on all things protein, you’re probably wondering where you can start when it comes to upping your daily intake. Let us introduce you to The Lean Protein.


Formulated in partnership with leading nutritionists, this protein blend was developed for people who are focused on training to control their weight, encouraging healthy fat-loss and lean muscle development.  

Featuring 29g of protein per serving, using a blend of dairy-based whey concentrate and isolate that contain all the essential amino acids your body needs for repair, recovery, and muscle development. But what sets The Lean Protein apart from others on the market is the plethora of added ingredients that contribute to a range of positive health benefits. Here’s what else you can expect to find:


  • Inulin: Prebiotic fibre to encourage growth of good gut bacteria. Linked to lower levels of f fat..
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine: Amino acid with non-stimulant fat-loss properties, associated with encouraging the body to metabolise fat for energy.
  • Yerba Mate: Dried leaves of an evergreen holly tree native to South America. Boosts metabolism and delays fat absorption.
  • Pomegranates: Red fruit that encourages growth of good gut bacteria, linked to lower levels of fat.
  • Bilberries: Dark berry that assists with inflammation-fighting. Rich in antioxidants and resveratrol for cardiovascular health.


How to take it

There’s plenty of ways to take 
The Lean Protein. Firstly, there are two delicious flavours to choose from; smooth chocolate and creamy vanilla. We love it as a must-have post-workout refuel, ideally to be taken within 45 minutes of exercise or as a nutritious drink at any stage during the day.

To take The Lean Protein in shake form - Add up to 40g (4scoops) to 250-350ml of water, milk, or plant milk (we recommend oat or almond)and shake until the powder has fully mixed with the liquid. You can put the mixture in a blender if you prefer. Adjust the amount of liquid for your desired level of sweetness and thickness.

However, there’s plenty of other ways you can take The Lean Protein,try one of our recent Healthy Tips Recipes:

Is this the best protein powder on the market? 

If you’re wondering how well received Innermost products have been in the wider market, check out some of these other awards and accolades they've received:


·        The Energy Booster - Best Pre-Workout at the Men’s Health Sports Nutrition Awards 2020

·        The Health Protein - “Innermost’s The Health Protein blend is more than just a post-workout supplement. At the core of the formula, pea and brown rice proteins work together for lean muscle repair, recovery, and development. ”Best vegan protein powders to fuel your home workouts in GQ

·        The Relax Capsules - “The closest you’ll get to an actual chill pill.” Best sleep supplements for a restful night’s sleep in GQ

·        Innermost - The Gamechanger Award at the Men’s Health Sports Nutrition Awards 2018

·        Innermost - “This tastes a bit like a liquid Kinder Bueno, but it's packed with lots of goodness like pink Himalayan sea salt for rehydration and magnesium, which helps you wind down after a massive cortisol high. It uses whey instead of pea protein, containing a higher number of muscle-building amino acids.” The best protein shakes for a post-workout pick-me-up in Tatler


Click here to check out the full range of products and place your order now. Feel free to speak to any of our friendly club team if you have any questions about the supplements.