Freestyle Group Training Power at Fitness First Hong Kong

Freestyle Group Training Power is all about fast paced, explosive movements using body weight exercises in combination with heavy resistance. Utilising plyometric movements and demanding weighted exercises, you’ll move through a series of short, but intense periods of high performance output, with rest periods to enable enough recovery for you to go hard in the repeated bouts of high energy work. This 30 minute class keeps your heart rate high, your metabolism on fire and calories burning, while accelerating your general fitness, burning body fat and building power.

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What is Freestyle Group Training Power?

Moving from 20-second high output exercises to much needed 40-second rest periods, you’ll be pushed to your physical limits inside short periods of time. High intensity interval training is one of the most successful forms of exercising as it promotes fat burning, muscle toning, and improved athletic performance. Burpees, jumps, press-ups and a wide variety of plyometric exercises will keep you intensely focused and challenging your whole body throughout the class. Our personal trainers are there to teach you how to move like an athlete, perfect your form, and motivate you to get the most out of your session.

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Freestyle Group Training Power classes are available at our One Pacific Centre, Olympia Plaza, Harbour City.