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Designed by Wong Kam Po and Fitness First fitness expert team, a new series of indoor cycling programs. Wong Kam Po incorporates his expertise in road cycling training into indoor cycling class. RIDE BY WONG KAM PO series will give you an enhanced indoor cycling experience through a variety of on-screen performance measures.

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RIDE BY WONG KAM PO program combines elements of road and professional cycling disciplines and classifications, using different riding techniques (speed, time-trials, pace, climbing, sprints) and also backed by energetic music. Through a variety of cycling training modes to improve your heart and lung efficiency, riding technique, endurance and willpower.

RIDE BY WONG KAM PO consists of two series, which are applied in difference systems to provide feedback of your performance instantly, namely heart rate response (Heart rate sensor) and power output (power meter gauges). The data of training will reflect your instant performance, which helps to enhance your efficiency during the workout.

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Combining elements of professional road-cycling training profiles together with Group Display “Power” training (Stages Flight). An indoor-cycling program that will give you the training feel of a professional cyclist with on-screen power meter gauges and training profile display.

Combining elements of professional road-cycling training profiles together with Group Display Heart Rate training (POLAR). Heart rate response will both be displayed and measured to give you an instant feedback of your performance.


Fitness First offers premier facilities, trained instructors, and uniquely tailored cycling classes to ensure maximum participation from students of all levels.

Ride Power & Ride Beat by Wong Kam Po
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Fitness First offers a series of cycling classes that allow participants to effectively strengthen their muscular endurance and cardio functions in a happy exercise by practicing different speed and resistance exercises. At the same time, burns a large amount of fat, sculpture thighs with upper and lower buttocks.

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