Asia-leading Fitness Centre Fitness First Presents
RIDE BY WONG KAM PO Co-designed by
Legendary Hong Kong Cycling Champion Wong Kam Po
First-of-its-kind Indoor Cycling Training Programme Tailored for Asians


April 16, 2018, Hong Kong – Fitness First, one of the largest fitness club networks in Asia, is committed to promoting a culture of fitness. With profound network and experience, it brings a series of professional training and advanced facilities to Hong Kong, helping members of the public to train beyond hustle and bustle and achieve ideal fitness goals. Dedicated to professionalism and excellence, Fitness First Hong Kong becomes the city’s first fitness centre to collaborate with Hong Kong cycling legend Wong Kam Po and launch RIDE BY WONG KAM PO, a new series of indoor cycling programmes. Inspired by his expertise in road cycling, the first-of-its-kind programme offers a professional athletic experience by transforming elements of road and professional cycling disciplines into indoor cycling class, using different riding techniques of speed time-trials, pace, climbing and sprints. Through a variety of cycling training modes, it improves your heart and lung efficiency, riding technique, endurance and willpower.


Unique and new cycling fitness programme designed by Hong Kong cycling legend Wong Kam Po

RIDE BY WONG KAM PO is co-designed by legendary Hong Kong cycling champion Wong Kam Po and Fitness First professional fitness expert team. The first-of-its-kind cycling training programme is tailored for Asians. It comprises of Wong’s expertise in road cycling training into indoor cycling class, offering a unique indoor cycling experience that is identical to the trainings for professional athletes.

Sim Tsang, Marketing Manager of Fitness First Hong Kong, said, “Group cycling programmes were mostly imported, and collaborating with local athletes is an exceptional case. A year ago, Fitness First Hong Kong initiated a feasibility study on introducing some popular sports in Hong Kong to the centres and supporting the city’s athlete development. We are honoured to invite the iconic Asian cyclist Wong Kam Po as consultant and programme designer of RIDE BY WONG KAM PO. We embrace professional training, and we are eager to encourage our members to train in a skilled and effective way with the aid of fitness equipment. In RIDE BY WONG KAM PO, our members will truly experience the training for professional cyclists,” he added, “Balancing physical quality of our members and fitness requirements, Fitness First tailors an indoor cycling programme with road cycling simulation represented by different cycling jerseys and Wong’s expert technical advices. We firmly believe our members will be impressed by this brand new indoor cycling training experience, and our programme will give a boost in promoting cycling culture.”

"I am delighted to work with Fitness First Hong Kong to incorporate some of my cycling training techiques and experience with this one-hour training programme. This allows the public to strengthen their body and mind through cycling, and train on different cycling techniques. It is definitely a good way to promote cycling culture,” he address, “To develop a training programme that fits Asians, Fitness First Hong Kong and I have extensively analysed data to find out the physical and cardio weaknesses of Asians. Then we made adjustments to design programmes in different levels and with different actions. We sincerely hope the participants will not only enjoy the pleasure of cycling, but also enhance their physical and cardio strengths.”


Enjoy the unrivalled "road bicycle race" from RIDE BY WONG KAM PO

Designed by Hong Kong cycling legend Wong Kam Po, RIDE BY WONG KAM PO blends the athletic essence of outdoor and indoor cycling. Programme design is inspired by different color of jerseys in road cycling races. This includes:

  • Yellow Jersey (the leader of the General Classification (GC) in road races) - speed and endurance test
  • Green Jersey (rider with the highest number of points) - sprinting skills and explosiveness
  • Polka Dot Jersey (the best climber in the race, often referred to as King of the Mountains) - climbing techniques and postures

The programme sums up four training focuses: Sprints, Speed, Time-Trials, and Climbing. They are all perfectly incorporated with the key winning elements of the above-mentioned jerseys, and combined with Wong Kam Po’s extensive road cycling race experience and professional training technique into indoor cycling programme for a training mode that achieve a series of body shaping, weight loss and core training goals.

Fitness First Hong Kong is a specialist in integrating technology and training to its programme. It is also the first fitness centre in Hong Kong that launches Stages Flight indoor cycling data analysis system. Through real-time measurement and monitoring, participants get a better understanding on their training effectiveness from the data displayed on screen, and refine their training accordingly.

In addition, Fitness First Hong Kong exclusively launches Polar Club system in cycling training course. The system comes with an optical heart rate sensor that performs real-time tracking on participants’ heart rate and provides instant performance feedback in the golden hour of cycling training programme. This not only enables participants to enjoy the brand new pleasure of indoor cycling and race tactics, but offers a more exciting and professional experience that conventional cycling training programmes that follow the beats or trainer’s preferences.

Sim Tsang, Marketing Manager of Fitness First Hong Kong, said, "As one of the largest fitness centre brands in Asia, Fitness First Hong Kong is dedicated to offering a comprehensive fitness network. We firmly believe our distinguished members will be contented with the unrivalled pleasure and experience brought by cycling. It is our priority to popularise cycling training through the launch of this brand new training programme, and we will enrich the training offerings with different modes and levels to provide the best-in-class service and fitness expertise to the members."

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